Key Research Areas

1. Solar Cells,
2. Modelling of Semiconductor Devices,
3. Development of oxide based materials


I completed my Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2011 and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at ASU from 2011 to 2014. I completed M.S from University of Delaware in 2008 and B.E (Instrumentation and Electronics) from Jadavpur University in 2006. From 2006, I have been working in the field of solar photovoltaic and have published more than 40 papers in reputed conference and journal related to the area of photovoltaic. Presently, my research work is on developing oxide based materials for photovotaics and power devices, alongside modelling of photovoltaic devices.

Recent Publications

1. S.Md.Hussain,Md.Sadullah,S.Marwaha,K.Ghosh,"Aerosol-assistedchemicalvapour deposition of titanium dioxide thin films on silicon and implementation ofaheterojunction diode, Bulletin of materials science.
2. S. Md. Hussain, Md. Sadullah, K. Ghosh, "Aerosol assisted CVD of nickel oxideonsiliconforholeselectivecontactlayers",JournalofMaterialsScience:Materialsin Electronics, accepted for publication
3. S. Marwaha and K. Ghosh, "Analysis of Silicon-perovskite Tandem Solar Cellswith Transition Metal Oxides as Carrier Selective Contact Layers", Silicon, pp. 1-12
4. S. Marwaha and K. Ghosh, "Analytical Modeling of Diffusion of Moisture inSiliconPhotovoltaicModuleunderDampHeatTestingCondition",Silicon,vol.14,no.9, pp.4757-4766
5. S Marwaha, P Pratik, K Ghosh, "Thermal Model of Silicon Photovoltaic ModulewithIncorporation ofCFD Analysis",Silicon, vol.14, no. 9,pp. 4493-4499

Course Taught

1. Electronic devices
2. Analog circuits
3. Microelectronic device and modelling