Key Research Areas

1. Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Machine learning,
2. Computer vision
3. Medical image and Signal Analysis


PhD from IIT Madras, 2011 Posdocs at GE Global Research (2011 - 2012), and UNC Chapel Hill (2012 - 2013) Joined IIT Mandi in Sep 2013
Research interests: AI, machine and deep learning, applications to computer vision, medical image and signal analysis

Recent Publications

1. R. Mishra, A. Bhavsar. "EEG classification based on visual stimuli via adversarial learning." Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2023.
2. R. Jha, B.V. Rathish Kumar, S. Pathak, A. Bhavsar, A. Nigam. "TrGANet: Transforming 3T to 7T dMRI using Trapezoidal Rule and Graph based Attention Modules." Medical Image Analysis, 87, 2023.
3. R. Jha, B.V. Rathish Kumar, S. Pathak, W. Schneider, A. Bhavsar, A. Nigam. "Undersampled single-shell to MSMT fODF reconstruction using CNN-based ODE solver." Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 230, 2023.
4. R. Mishra R, K. Sharma K, R. Jha, A. Bhavsar. "NeuroGAN: image reconstruction from EEG signals via an attention-based GAN." Neural Computing and Applications, 2022
5. R. Jha, S. Pathak, V. Nath, W. Schneider, B.V. Rathish Kumar, A. Bhavsar, A. Nigam. "VRfRNet: Volumetric ROI fODF Reconstruction Network for estimation of Multi-Tissue Constrained Spherical Deconvolution with only Single Shell dMRI?." Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 90, 2022.

Course Taught

1. CS 669: Pattern recognition
2. EE 511: Computer vision
3. DS201: Data Handling and Visualization
4. IK501: Introduction to Biosignals