Key Research Areas

Geometric modeling, Design, Simulation


An applied geometer by profession and a philocalist by personal nature, Jinesh works in the fields of solid modeling and applied robotics. Both the fields involve geometric algorithms with applications that require a high degree of numerical precision. In the past, he has worked on problems such as swept-volume computation, CNC-machining verification, roots of Bernstein polynomials, and the like. His other interests include outdoors.

Recent Publications

1. Adsul, Bharat, Jinesh Machchhar, and Milind Sohoni. “Local and Global Analysis of Parametric Solid Sweeps.” Computer Aided Geometric Design 31, no. 6 (2014): 294–316.
2. Machchhar, Jinesh. “A Unified Algebraic Framework for Fast and Precise Planar Swept Volumes and Minkowski Sums.” Computer Aided Geometric Design 96 (2022): 102107.
3. Machchhar, Jinesh, Denys Plakhotnik, and Gershon Elber. “Precise Algebraic-Based Swept Volumes for Arbitrary Free-Form Shaped Tools towards Multi-Axis CNC Machining Verification.” Computer-Aided Design 90 (2017): 48–58.
4. Machchhar, Jinesh, Henry Segerman, and Gershon Elber. “Conjugate Shape Simplification via Precise Algebraic Planar Sweeps toward Gear Design.” Computers & Graphics 90 (2020): 1–10.

Course Taught

1. CS550-Computer Graphics and Geometric Design
2. CS451-Computer Graphics and Game Design
3. CS208-Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science