Key Research Areas

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Human-Computer Interaction
3. Cognitive Science


I am an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. I completed my MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University under Prof. Cleotilde Gonzalez. My Ph.D. thesis focused on answering the question: why do we want to defer actions on climate change and I investigated the question by applying literature on people's risk-preferences, time-preferences, social-cultural dilemmas, and linear thinking. Furthermore, I apply my knowledge and skills in the fields of psychology, public policy, and computer science to explore how humans make decisions on social, managerial, and environmental issues.
I also serve as a Senior Member of IEEE, Associate Editor of Frontiers in Cognitive Science journal, a Review Editor of Frontiers in Decision Neuroscience journal, a Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness, Principal Investigator at the Applied Cognitive Science (ACS) Lab, Chair, Indian Knowledge System and Mental Health Applications Centre and Project Director, IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation. My research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, and Cognitive Science. I have more than 220 papers published with more than 4,500 citations.

Recent Publications

1. H. Katakwar, P. Aggarwal, Z. Maqbool, and V. Dutt, "Influence of network size on adversarial decisions in a deception game involving honeypots," Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 11, p. 2385, 2020.
2. K. Agarwal, P. Uniyal, S. Virendrasingh, S. Krishna, and V. Dutt, "Spam Mail Classification Using Ensemble and Non-Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms," Lecture notes in Network and Systems, vol. 141, pp. 179-189, 2021.
3. A. K. Rao, S. Chandra, and V. Dutt, "Desktop and Virtual-Reality Training Under Varying Degrees of Task Difficulty in a Complex Search-and-Shoot Scenario," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12428, pp 421-439, 2020.
4. P. Chaturvedi and V. Dutt, "Understanding Human Decision Making in an Interactive Landslide Simulator Tool via Reinforcement Learning," (in English), Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 11, p. 3985, 2021.
5. V. Thakur, K. Robinson, E. A. Oguz, I. Depina, A. Pathania, P. Kumar, P. Chaturvedi, K. V. Uday, & V. Dutt, "Early Warning of Water-Triggered Landslides," Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol. 140, pp 139-150, 2021.

Course Taught

1. CS307 - Systems Practicum
2. CS662 - Mobile Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
3. IK503 - Cognitive Psychology and the Indian Thought System
4. IK599I - Independent Study in Indian Knowledge System
5. IC 252 - Data Science 2
6. IC 272 - Data Science 3
7. CS 202 - Data Structures and Algorithms
8. HS523 - Decision-making for Social Change
9. IC 201P - Prototype Development
10. HS 528 - Information Technology and Development
11. CS 207 - Applied Database Practicum
12. 5-Week Induction Program
13. IC 250 - Programming and Data Structure Practicum
14. CS 606 - Computational Modeling of Social Systems
15. RM 600 Research Methodology
16. HS 616 - Managerial Thinking and Decision Making
17. CS 660 - Data Mining for Decision Making
18. EM 604 - Energy - Environment Policy and Law
19. CS 303 - Software Engineering
20. IC 150P - Computation for Engineers Lab
21. DP 301P - Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum
22. CS 506 - Cognitive Modeling
23. CS 308 - Large-Scale Applications Practicum
24. CS 208 - Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
25. HS 301 - Public Policy and Advocacy Skills Engineering
26. IC 100 - Reverse Engineering
27. CS 603 - Managerial Decision Making