Key Research Areas

Biometrics, Medical Image Analysis, Computational Biology, Deep Learning


Dr. Indu Joshi has received PhD from IIT Delhi. She was a postdoctoral researcher at Inria Sophia Antipolis, France and Technical University of Munich, Germany. She is an INAE student member and a Raman-Charpak Fellow. She has represented India at BRICS Young Scientist Conclave and has also attended the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. She has also been awarded for her popular science writing skills by the science and technology minister of India. She is a DAAD-PostDocNet-AI fellow and a recipient of the Institute silver medal by the President of India for her M.Tech degree.

Recent Publications

1. I. Joshi, M. Grimmer, C. Rathgeb, Christoph Busch, F. Bremond and Antitza Dantcheva. Synthetic Data in Human Analysis: A Survey IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2024.
2. A. Mondal*, I. Joshi*, P. Singh and A. P. Prathosh. Clustering Single-cell RNA Sequence Data using Information Maximized and Noise-Invariant Representations. IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2023.
3. P. Majumdar, A. Karim, I. Joshi, and P. Singh. Leveraging joint incremental learning objective with data ensemble for class incremental learning. Neural Networks, 2023.
4. I. Joshi, T. Dhamija, R. Kumar, A. Dantcheva, S. Dutta Roy and P. K. Kalra. Cross-Domain Consistent Fingerprint Denoising. IEEE Sensors Letters, 2022.

Course Taught