Key Research Areas

Mathematical control theory, fault-tolerant control, climate-controlled agriculture


Dr. Tushar JAIN received the degree of Doctor in Control, Identification and Diagnostic from Universite de Lorraine, Nancy, France in 2012. He previously received the degree of M.Tech. in System modeling and control from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee in 2009. From 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015, he was a Post-doc researcher and Academy of Finland researcher respectively in the Research Group of Process Control at Aalto University, Finland. Since 2015, he is with the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi. During these last years, his research interest has been mainly concentrated on mathematical control theory, fault tolerant control, fault diagnosis and climate-controlled agriculture. He has received thrice the best paper award for his research work. He has authored a book entitled Active Fault-Tolerant Control Systems: A Behavioral System Theoretic Perspective. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Recent Publications

1. M. Subramaniam, T. Jain , and J. J. Yame, "Robust adaptive fault estimation of damper faults in variable air volume boxes of a multizone building," in American Control Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, May 2021.
2. V. Singh, B. Pal, and T. Jain , "State Estimation for Spark-Ignition Engines Using New Noise Adaptive Laws In Unscented Kalman Filter," in 5th International Conference on Control and Fault-Tolerant Systems (SysTol'21), Saint-Raphael, France, 2021.
3. V. Singh, B. Pal, and T. Jain , "Integrated Methodology for State and Parameter Estimation of Spark-Ignition Engines," International Journal of Systems Science, vol. accepted, 2021.
4. V. Singh, B. Pal, and T. Jain , "An Improved Unscented Kalman Filer with Adaptive Noise Covariances for State Estimation of a Nonlinear System," in 60th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Austin, Texas, USA, 2021.
5. V. Singh, B. Pal, and T. Jain , "A UKF and RLS Based State and Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Spark Ignition Engine," in European Control Conference, Rotterdam, NL, 2021.
6. V. Singh, B. Pal, and T. Jain , "A Novel Adaptive UKF-Based State Estimation Algorithm for Spark-Ignition Engines," in European Control Conference, Rotterdam, NL, 2021.

Course Taught

1. NPTEL course on Linear Dynamical Systems
2. EE 515 Nonlinear Stability and Control (Spring 2022)
3. EE 305 Digital Signal Processing (Autumn 2021)
4. EE 514 Robust Control Systems (Autumn 2019)
5. EE - 301 and 301(P) Control Systems Engineering and laboratory (Spring 2019/2020 Autumn 2020)
6. EE - 509 Linear Dynamical Systems (Autumn 2017/2018/2022)
7. EE - 203 Network theory (Spring 2017/2018)
8. IC - 260 Signals and Systems (Autumn 2016/2017/2018)
9. EE - 618 Industrial Process Control (Spring 2016/2018)
10. QEEE Online lecture series on some topics of control engineering Time domain analysis for first and second order Systems [Coursepack] (Spring 2016)
11. Design of feedback control systems [Coursepack] (Spring 2016/2018)
12. Stability analysis of linear systems [Coursepack] (Spring 2017) Stability analysis of nonlinear systems [Coursepack] (Autumn 2017)
13. IC - 161P Applied Electronics Lab (Spring 2016)